Before Buying a Modular ice maker

A modular ice cube makers is one of the most popular options amongst our Australian Hotel and fast food chain customers who are looking for a convenient large storage options for their peak times.

Here are a Few Things you should Know About Modular Ice Makers Before you go in for a Purchase.


Widely regarded as one of the most flexible types of ice maker machines, a modular ice machine can produce varying quantities of ice depending on the requirement. The flexibility factor comes with the ability to choose an ice machine head unit, (cuber or flaker) with a production rate starting at 160kgs right up to 500kgs.  Then simply select from 1 of our 4 different capacity storage bins ranging from 130kg to 400kgs.

Our storage bins also come in the form of dispensing units, so there is no handling of ice.  Modular Ice dispensing machines are widely used within the Hotel, Health and Construction industries so there is no handling of the ice.

Types of Ice

The ability to attach different shaped bins with different machine cube heads enables you to create different types of ice, based on your needs.

Most commercial options will provide you with the ability to create cubed ice as it is the most widely favoured type of ice.

For customers, when it comes to all types of drinks, cubed ice always fits the bill. Even just water and non-alcoholic drinks are best complemented with this type of ice. But a modular ice maker doesn’t just stop there. It can also make gourmet ice, which is ideal for higher-end drinks that are best enjoyed on the rocks, nugget ice, which is highly favoured by children who like to chew on their ice and flake ice, which is favoured for its various applications including food storage, buffet displays, as well as cocktail mixes

An ice cube maker in Australia is probably the most common machine you will come across, but it is not unheard of for multiple establishments to have a number of modular ice maker machines to create these different types of ice.

Compared To Self-Contained Ice Machines

When you are searching for an ice cube maker in Australia, you will come across a choice between a modular ice maker and a self-contained ice maker machine. It is important to know the vast difference between these two types of machines.

The primary difference is that self-contained ice machines, as the name suggests, are all-in-one units where the storage bin and the ice machine are all part of one comprehensive setup. This is in stark contrast to modular ice makers, where the ice machine head is sold separately as it is up to the individual to choose what kind of bin they want to fit with the ice cube maker.

Most manufacturers will offer bins that are ideal for the type of modular ice maker they are selling saving most people from the hassle of having to find a compatible modular ice maker head. Furthermore, self-contained machines lag behind modular ice makers when it comes to the volumes of ice, they can produce. For most establishments that go through a significant amount of ice in a day, there is no better machine than a modular ice maker.

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