Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki Ice Machines For Sale 

When you are outfitting your hotel or restaurant’s kitchen, you need to install a perfect set of equipment. Hoshizaki ice machines are such specialised equipment that can bring convenience and comfort into your life. 

Commercial ice maker machines can produce ice in all types of shapes and sizes. Depending on the industry and usage, Ice Machines Direct brings a unique online platform for you where you can browse Hoshizaki ice machines for sale.

We serve across a wide range of industries. From ice chip maker models to flake ice machines, we have got high-quality equipment for our clients at cost-effective prices. For instance, flake ice is preferred in bars and restaurants whereas there is a demand for cubelet ice in hospitals and healthcare facilities.  

What Type Of Ice Machine Do You Need? 

Most restaurants who seat over 150 people can use about 200kg and will mostly require a modular head and bin ice machine.  Our smaller hospitality establishments with 60 seats or less, will most likely only require 30 to 50 kgs per day and would benefit from out self-contained ice cuber range. If you’re just starting a new restaurant or bar, your usage requirements may differ. For small cafes and food outlets, an under-counter ice maker machine is highly suitable for your business operations.  

Choosing the perfect Hoshizaki ice machine in Australia ultimately depends on: 

  • Space availability  
  • Type and size of ice 
  • Number of customers/visitors per day 
  • Installation options 
  • Type of commercial establishment 

Hoshizaki ice machines can be used for commercial and industrial applications. These ice machines are known to produce large amounts of ice and come with a separate storage unit to store and dispense ice. 

At Ice Machines Direct, you can find ice machines of different sizes ranging from 22 inches to 48 inches. We supply and import ice machines featuring a solid stainless-steel exterior, they are extremely durable and easy to maintain.  

We’re proud to supply branded Hoshizaki and our own European brand made and designed by the Scotsman Group and branded Frostline. Our company was founded over 30 years ago with the objective to market and provide a wide range of ice makers for food service, hospitality, seafood, pharmaceutical industries.  

Explore our commercial Hoshizaki ice machinesThe customised equipment configuration will meet all your space and usage needs. You can count on us to shop for quality ice makers, dispensers, bins and other icing equipment. We are offering a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our ice maker machines. 

Some Of  the KEY FEATURES OF Hoshizaki Ice Machines: 

  • 3 year warranty   
  • Food grade stainless steel contruction
  • Produces clean, dry and fresh ice 
  • Strong stainless-steel exterior 
  • Compact, can fit into narrow counter space 
  • Reduced power and water consumption 

The Hoshizaki Ice Maker is a popular model among customers. The machine can process ice at hot and humid temperatures. The inbuilt safety features and LED display panel brings ease of use. The presence of an enclosed water circuit provides the ultimate protection against contamination.  

Want to enquire about the Hoshizaki ice machine price?

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