Crescent Ice V Cube Ice

Cube Ice VS Crescent Ice? What’s the difference?

Cube Ice

Cube Ice, putting it simply, is the ice we all know and love. Uniformed cubes are best for beverages of all types, making your drinks icy cold for longer without diluting your drinks.  Our 30mm cube will keep construction workers on site cooler for longer and is great for sporting clubs and it’s also perfect for bagging and reselling.

Crescent Ice

Crescent Ice is widely used in the fast food industry.  It’s the perfect shape for cylinder cups to maximise profits, but that’s where it ends.  It’s not ideal if you wish to give your customers the perfect cocktail or mixed drink.  Crescent ice is thin and will melt too quickly watering down drinks and not keeping drinks super chilled. Don’t saddle your customers with watery, diluted drinks just to shave a few more cents. The damage to your reputation in this competitive industry could be striking.


We can get you set-up with the latest and greatest in Ice Cubers here at Ice Machine Direct, and make sure you’re keeping up with the competition. Your Ice is Your Business. Let it speak a volume about your dedication to providing quality and the best taste. Crescent Ice can also be difficult to ensure the quality of due to the thin nature of the ice, meaning melting too quickly and uneven freezing are both strong possibilities. It’s also easier to leverage Cube Ice for other purposes, such as resale, since it retains shape and temperature for longer. You can boost your small business easily via onselling bags of ice, something that Crescent Ice Machines won’t help with.

Crescent Ice might be common in self-serve drink machines, but it’s unacceptable as an ice solution for cocktails or other products where taste and ice quality are of premium importance. Cube Ice retains shape better, melts far more evenly, and allows the beverage to retain purity and taste profile. Don’t compromise the quality of your food and drinks by picking up a lesser form of ice, go with a proven winner.

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